Michele Cranstone

BACP registered Counsellor - Adults & Young People


A counselling service ideally located for North Hampshire, South Surrey & West Berkshire

I’m Michele Cranstone, a registered BACP counsellor


About Counselling

Counselling is a talking therapy. I work in a very client centred way, what this means is that you will decide what to explore and at what pace.


How Counselling Works

Research has shown that one of the biggest success outcome factors in counselling is that the client (you) believes that they could build a sense of trust and connection with their counsellor.


About Michele

Hi, I’m Michele, a qualified BACP registered therapist who has been in practice since 2015. I am passionate about helping adults and young people enjoy life to its fullest.

I have been helping people with challenging thoughts, feelings and life events since 2015.

Are you seeking to make sense of an event? To challenge or manage your own thoughts or feelings, or live with the decisions or actions of those around you?

Life in the 21st century for the majority of people is complex, fast and demanding. Are you managing multiple aspects simultaneously, draining your resources and creativity?

Events and relationships either personal or professional, whether in the past or present, can impact both our physical and mental health.

Are you feeling stuck, down or anxious?

Counselling cannot undo events or change existing outcomes, but it can enable you to decide how you want to think, feel or move on.

Contact me on – 07768 643468

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