Mental Health – It still feels like a dirty term

Despite many public figures openly sharing their mental health challenges, it still feels like a term associated with significant stigma. The connotation is that mental health is a negative thing. In January 2019, there were 1,039,161 (reference link) adults in touch with NHS mental health services, imagine how many more individuals are facing mental health challenges but not reaching out for help. I suspect that on average people spend more time thinking and investing in, their oral health than mental health. I’m not saying that teeth are not important, just that everyone one of us needs to think about proactively investing in our own mental health. Take a few moments, consider what makes you feel better? Perhaps a walk with the dog, a coffee shared with a colleague, a quick telephone call to catch up with an old friend, an exercise class, whatever it is for you – ensure you make time for it today. Proactively invest in your mental health.